Schedule and Speakers


9 am – Welcome and announcements
9:05-9:45 am – Speeches
9:50 am-11 am – March out of Legislative Plaza
11 am – Return to Plaza and disperse



Wesley Roberts has spent most of his life teaching high school biology and environmental science, and he is currently a teacher in the Metro Nashville Public Schools. He will be discussing the importance of science in today’s world.

Peggy Kendall is a doctor and scientist who spent 10 years as a television news producer. She works on autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis and Type I diabetes. She will be talking about the need for science and science funding in disease research.

Brad Beasley is the state director of STD prevention for the Tennessee Department of Health. He has many stories of the progress and challenges in our state. He will be discussing the role of science in controlling HIV/STDs.

Mark Boothby has recently authored an article in Nature magazine on immunology. He describes himself as “a citizen, elder care provider, one time physician and perpetual student.” He says, “I will be talking about how science is under threat. Science is hope, the future and the bedrock of our Republic.”

Kathryn Edwards is a physician, and she has a lifetime of stories illustrating how vaccines have eradicated disease. She will be discussing the importance of vaccines in disease prevention.