March Route & Rules

March Route

At around 11 AM, after the rally in Public Square, we will begin a peaceful sidewalk demonstration to Legislative Plaza, which is about 2/3 mile away from the rally.

March Rules

1. Please follow the march leader, Jane Hussain, and our marchers carrying official organizational banners (e.g., Nashville Peace and Justice Center, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy). They will be leading the march.

2. If possible, please walk single file on the sidewalk, so there is room for runners, tourists, and bystanders.

3. Marshals will be ensuring that marchers are following traffic laws. Please listen to their directions. They will be wearing orange vests, so they are easily identifiable. If you notice an emergency occurring, please notify one of the marshals and they will contact the appropriate authorities.

4. We ask that marchers stay on the sidewalk and obey traffic signals. We are conducting a peaceful demonstration, and we do not want to disrupt every day traffic.

5. Do make sure to wave your signs and banners towards the street. While we may not want to disrupt people’s commutes, we do want drivers to see our message! This is especially important to do while waiting for traffic signals to change to WALK.