I’m with you, even if I can’t be there in person!

So excited to see the pictures of everyone marching today! I’m sorry I couldn’t there in person. How has science impacted my life? I few up in the Sierra Nevada mountains and went to a very small school. Our science class was the living, breathing great outdoors. No books for us – we did field work! Nature hikes in various micro-climates were my favorite. At night, being at a high altitude with no light pollution provided the BEST view of the stars and the Milky Way….How could I not believe in the greatness of the universe and want to study/learn all about it?

I’ve been a space-nerd my whole life. The science behind flight, the science to get us to the moon, the science astronauts practice in zero-gravity…it all impacts us daily! I just can’t imagine a world where we don’t have the drive, the spirit, the creativity, the intelligence to keep exploring!

Now my science is focused on being kind to our beautiful planet. I know that science was used to help us grow more food, that was more productive and disease resistant. We now know, through further scientific study, that those modifications and chemicals are not the best for our bodies and the planet. Science is true to the study…shows us how to correct our mistakes (while corporate greed and politics play games).

Stay strong science. Stay strong planet Earth. Stay strong marchers!!

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