I teach kids to love science

As a student teacher, I had the honor of teaching science. This is the one subject where the curriculum wasn’t dictated to me, no textbook. I had the opportunity to create lessons from scratch, in which my students had the opportunity to explore and discover. At the end of my first learning segment, on ecosystems, I had a student say to me, “thank you for making science fun” and “thanks for telling me I’m good at it.” To this, I responded, “everyone can be good at this.” I firmly believe that, but sadly, in an antiscience society, that hinders their success. Science is what drives or economy and civilization. Publicly funded research brought us inventions like the vacuum and microwave. In every great civilization in history, the end of scientific advancement has marked the decline of the empire. This is not what I want to see happen to America. It’s my job to inspire tomorrow’s next generation of scientists. I want them to enter a world where that inspiration won’t be in vain.

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