I march for Nature

spider and bee

I’m marching for Science because I’m a scientist, and for climate because I’m terrified of what I see happening to our beautiful planet. Weather patterns becoming more unpredictable, droughts, floods, Spring coming earlier, making plants and animals more vulnerable to frost, glaciers melting, low-lying lands drowning, coral reefs dying, plants and animals shifting further towards the poles as the earth warms up. I’m including a photo of a spider I saw on our deck this spring. It’s a bit scary because the spider is eating a bee, but it is also beautiful, because this tiny animal you might not even notice, has an amazing pattern of hairs all over, and bright iridescent green mouthparts. We know so little about the natural world. So few people are paying attention to how ecosystems work, and yet this knowledge is crucial if we are to save ourselves from the effects of climate change and overpopulation. We need to empower the Environmental Protection Agency, and fully commit to the Paris Agreement. We need to take away the power of corporations to undermine democracy, and start listening to scientists instead.

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