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I virtually march for science because I’m a scientist. Because I grew up in Oak Ridge, TN, the “city of scientists.” I march because the car that gets us to the march, the Facebook post that alerted us to the event, and the phone that I use to coordinate with my friends are all the result of a scientist wondering “what if?”
I march because I had massive ear infections as a child. I would not have survived without science. I march because my son was conceived with the help of science. I march because my daughter had a kidney disorder and would not be alive and healthy today without science. I march because I don’t know anyone whose life is not made better by science, and yet I know so many who think what we scientists do is a waste–of time, of money–or an infringement on their precious beliefs.
I don’t have beliefs to reconcile. God gave us the universe. We are charged with being stewards. And we serve through science!

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