Distinguished Professor of Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Engineering Emeritus, Vanderbilt University, National Academy of Engineering

Sorry I cannot be with you today. I wholeheartedly support the March for Science and Climate. Tennessee is fortunate to have such a plethora of significant scientific and engineering institutions that have resulted in such achievements as Element 117 being named Tennessine. This eternal achievement was primarily through the efforts of Professor Joseph Hamilton of Vanderbilt being part of the team that isolated the element. Without the rigor of science and outstanding engineering, we, in Tennessee, would not have achieved what we have though there is still a long way to go. There is no such thing as alternative scientific facts-only what can be postulated and verified. With the largely abandonment of basic science research by private industry, we need the federal government to enable our country to maintain its lead in science and engineering. This research has led to many of the industries that are producing the highly paid jobs that our country needs.



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