Wonder and understanding


I am not a scientist but I believe in investigation and discovery. The answers that science has revealed and continues to reveal about us, our world, and our universe, are awesome, in the original, old-fashioned meaning of that word. I don’t understand the concept of science interfering with beliefs. Science reveals the truths of our existence.

Science itself is a perpetual march to exact order from chaos.


Every historic advancement in all great civilizations is borne of scientific discovery. The discipline of science is not some secret conspiracy. Rather, scientists around the world “conspire” to unlock the secrets of the universe, to learn how it works and how people might benefit from it, while preserving those resources and knowledge for the future of all. I march for my niece and nephew, for the beauty of the world that endures, and for the promise of countless discoveries to come. A climate where scientific research is constrained creates a world where humanity’s boundless potential is constricted. A climate where science is respected is foundational and essential to the future of human enterprise. Let it never be said, “We know enough.”

Technical Services Manager

I am virtually marching today because I see science improving life in my field every day. Smaller and smaller amounts of electricity is needed to power our electronics and devices thanks to science. I know we can switch our methodologies and use far less electricity in this country because I see it happening in my industry daily. These money hungry monopolies don’t need to be allowed to ruin our air and water unnecessarily for their own profit. I sprained my ankle at work yesterday and am unable to walk today but I’m marching virtually.

I teach kids to love science

As a student teacher, I had the honor of teaching science. This is the one subject where the curriculum wasn’t dictated to me, no textbook. I had the opportunity to create lessons from scratch, in which my students had the opportunity to explore and discover. At the end of my first learning segment, on ecosystems, I had a student say to me, “thank you for making science fun” and “thanks for telling me I’m good at it.” To this, I responded, “everyone can be good at this.” I firmly believe that, but sadly, in an antiscience society, that hinders their success. Science is what drives or economy and civilization. Publicly funded research brought us inventions like the vacuum and microwave. In every great civilization in history, the end of scientific advancement has marked the decline of the empire. This is not what I want to see happen to America. It’s my job to inspire tomorrow’s next generation of scientists. I want them to enter a world where that inspiration won’t be in vain.

Why I support science!

I support science because it is one of key methods for understanding ourselves and our place in the universe, and because I see the importance of scientific knowledge and the scientific method in everyday life not only for humans but for our entire planet. Although I cannot be there physically, I can happily write that I support science 100%, and I am excited that my future career is in the sciences.

Biomedical Graduate Student

I March for Science because science is for everyone. Scientific progress develops better infrastructure ,treatments for diseases, and works for a cleaner Earth. As a scientist I want to work for everyone, not for a single interest or body. I want science everywhere to make the world a better place. This is why I march.

For my family

I am virtually marching because I work in research, and I can clearly see that the health and well-being of my family is directly dependent on all of the scientists working so hard to help us all live or best lives.

Here in spirit!

FB prof pic science

I virtually march for science because I’m a scientist. Because I grew up in Oak Ridge, TN, the “city of scientists.” I march because the car that gets us to the march, the Facebook post that alerted us to the event, and the phone that I use to coordinate with my friends are all the result of a scientist wondering “what if?”
I march because I had massive ear infections as a child. I would not have survived without science. I march because my son was conceived with the help of science. I march because my daughter had a kidney disorder and would not be alive and healthy today without science. I march because I don’t know anyone whose life is not made better by science, and yet I know so many who think what we scientists do is a waste–of time, of money–or an infringement on their precious beliefs.
I don’t have beliefs to reconcile. God gave us the universe. We are charged with being stewards. And we serve through science!