clean water

I’m virtually marching for science because a recent study found contaminants in 30 Tennessee water systems (Environmental Working Group, 2017), and communities in Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahama, Puerto Rico, West Virginia, and elsewhere don’t have regular access to clean water.

Psych Matters

I am a full supporter of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. I have a degree in psychology, a social science. While the social sciences aren’t quite the most attention getting fields, they do produce results that aid society. From research in autism to educational studies about language acquisition in children to memory in humans, the social sciences have benefited society in many ways that are invisible. Like other fields of science, all of humanity has been gifted with knowledge that helps people in need, improve society, and make life a bit more comfortable.

Those that will place profits over peoples, ideology over the truth, and hate over love have muddied the public discourse and mislead those not trained in modern science. To take America a better place, we need to protect the truth, spread it to others, and help them understand the wonders science has discovered. After all, astronauts are cooler than cowboys.

Support STEM, support America, and support humanity.


I’m an independent voter. Science will remain science, but political and social boundaries are more of a threat to progress. Even with higher than normal voter turnout, we are still far behind many other countries. It’s absolutely crucial that the people with scientific understanding read up on our politicians and show up to vote.

We only have one Earth


By virtually growing up on a farm, I learned how humans and other organisms interact and how those interactions affect the environment. Early on I saw the detritus left behind by those who came before us. Glass beer bottles and aluminum beer cans were a common sight at the bottom of creek beds. One time, a deer we hunted had plastic in its stomach.
Living in the country has reminded me that humans do not exist outside of nature, but that we are deeply intertwined within it. We must preserve the Earth; it is not ours to destroy. The Earth does not need us, we need her.