Parent of a Geologist

Parent of a Geologist

I’m virtually marching because my daughter, a young geologist who made this sign for last year’s March, is currently teaching in Japan and is watching her country’s leadership fail its constituency in the worst way by choosing idealism and religious...

clean water

I’m virtually marching for science because a recent study found contaminants in 30 Tennessee water systems (Environmental Working Group, 2017), and communities in Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahama, Puerto Rico, West Virginia, and elsewhere don’t have regular...

Its all we’ve got.

I am on a virtual walk towards a world where we all honor the place in which we live. Its people and creatures, soil, air, water, and atmosphere. With great well we can heal.

Marching for a better tomorrow!

Although our march was cancelled, I still march in spirit. Science is the foundation of society and we must continue to evolve. Ignorance is NOT bliss, it is dangerous. Let’s allow the facts to lead us to a better tomorrow!

Psych Matters

I am a full supporter of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. I have a degree in psychology, a social science. While the social sciences aren’t quite the most attention getting fields, they do produce results that aid society. From research in...