We regret to inform you that our April 14, 2018 march is cancelled. We are very concerned about the predicted storms coming in tomorrow morning, and we want to put everyone’s safety first.

All of our resources fundraised for this march will be put towards a climate march in September, so we will march before the important November elections! We encourage you to keep watching this space and our social media for more information about this march.

Until then, we ask you to #keepmarching in your own ways. Consider donating or getting involved with one of these science-oriented or environmental organizations:

Climate Nashville​
Sierra Club – Middle Tennessee Group
The Nature Conservancy in Tennessee​
Science Club Nashville​
Union of Concerned Scientists​
500 Women Scientists – Nashville Pod​
Vanderbilt Center for Science Outreach​
Tennessee Conservation Voters​

You can also #keepmarching by posting in our Virtual March here. Tell others why you decided to march in spirit tomorrow. We will share some of the responses on Facebook and on Twitter.

Thank you so much to our volunteers, Climate Nashville and Nashville Peace and Justice Center​ for their assistance in helping us plan this march. We knew this march would have been a success, and we couldn’t have done it without your help.